Kids stuff from Etsy

Kids stuff from Etsy


Kid's rooms can be awesome, imaginative spaces - but they can also pose challenges for style-conscious parents, especially when space is limited. Don't panic! Take your time to source interesting pieces that will add character to your child's room and let the environment grow organically. We always look to Etsy when we want to find something unique, so we have rounded up some great ideas that will please both you and them - let us know in the comments if you have found a fab Etsy shop that we should know about! img-set


If you've ever trodden on a piece of Lego with bare feet, you know how essential it is to have plenty of toy storage in your children's room. Plastic tubs are fantastic and practical (did anyone say TROFAST?) but I love the variety of handmade storage options available via Etsy. Even the most reluctant children will find tidying up easy when all they have to do is chuck toys into a bag or basket.

1) MoNat&Bag is a really fun Etsy shop run by London mum Monika, a self-described multi-tasker who wanted practical toy storage whilst living in a small home.  The bags are made from Kraft paper and can hold a massive amount of junk.

2) These gorgeous felt baskets from Scandi maker Louise Vilmar are so stylish they don't have to be tucked away in the kid's room. Made from leather and felt, these durable baskets are investments but a quick glance at the customer feedback shows that one basket is never enough for most mums - you've been warned! Happy shopping at Skandinavious.

3) Hand drawn illustrations from textile designer Jenna Fenwick are printed onto natural 100% linen and make a lovely, practical solution to toy storage. The range of gentle, calm designs at Jenna Rose Handmade will add a neutral touch to your family space.



Educational artwork is a sneaky decorating trick!

1) Height charts are a great way to get your kids interested in numbers (and maybe eating their greens to help them grow?). Etsy is a fabulous resource for vintage items and the top image shows a vintage inspired but personalized height chart from LoveStruckInteriors. The Kids Rule can be made in a choice of woods and colours and makes a lovely family piece. Check out the cotton canvas rules from Monkey Print Room which can be rolled up and moved around the house easily.

2) This Blast Off print by Miller and Sleigh is created by hand by a working mum and can be personalized, which is such a nice touch that's offered by so many Etsy sellers. This print looks great alongside the alphabet poster by the same sellers.

3) Many people are nervous about wallpapering a children's room. Expensive mistakes can't be changed easily! Decals, however, are an easy way to change the look and alter the space as a child grows older. Nurture your child's love of travel with this map decal from Chromantics; it's colourful without being garish and can be moved around the room to accommodate other artworks or when the furniture has to be rearranged.

4) Make learning the alphabet fun with posters from Etsy. Josh Hurley is an illustrator and screen-printer from Hertfordshire who makes the most wonderful prints and pins including this orange alphabet poster.  I love the unusual and interesting illustrations. German designers Snug.Studio create fun alphabet posters inspired by toy blocks. I'm tempted to buy one of these myself...




Books, toys, framed doodles, mini plants and more need to be stored away stylishly in a children's room. Hang shelves low for your kids to grab their junk (the most determined children will grab stuff from the high shelves anyway!)

1) This little cloud shelf (painted with non-toxic paint) from White Grove can sneak into the tiniest of spaces and hold a surprising amount.

2) Other colour schemes are available with this solid pine shelf from Decoreva based in Leeds. I like the idea of a few of them being hung at different heights in a reading corner.

3) As an ice cream obsessive I fell in love with this shelf from Crafted Pine Co in Scotland. Besides that, this is a company with strong ethics: they use locally sourced, sustainable pine or reclaimed timber as much as possible and even donate towards re-planting trees in Scotland! You won't find this personal connection with materials from big manufacturers.

4) These beech wood wall shelves from Chocolate Creative are absolutely perfect for displaying treasured books and prints in a kid's room. Before you read on, you must, must, must follow the maker Margarita Lorenzo on Instagram especially for snaps of her gorgeous homeland, Spain. Done it? Okay....

5) This is such a wonderful statement piece for a children's room and undoubtedly encourages an interest in books and nature. Bespoak Interiors have designed this particular bookcase at 1.2m which is great for the kids to grab their own tomes. Everything this company produces is made to order.



Tactile textiles add layers of interest to a space and there are no shortage of amazing handmade designs from around the world. These are some of my favorites...

1) Just the right side of kitch, these curtain panels from Here Is The Shop in China look great mixed and matched which would solve any problems in shared rooms  - an animal for each child!

2) Handmade to order in Ghana, these baskets and the most amazing bassinet I've ever seen are available through Design Dua based in Accra. Yes these pieces are pricey but they are so lovely and would become heirlooms I'm sure. I love too that this is truly a family business and that everyone involved in the process is listed on the Etsy site.

3) For all you design-obsessives, you really do need these Pantone-inspired teething rings from  Prim Society in Tennessee, USA. The owner of this shop used to work for Target but started her own business in 2014 when these teething toys became popular. We love a Girl Boss!

4) Banners are all the rage but I love the sentiments on this one from Emodi based in London. (This shop is also a great example of an Etsy seller - clear photos, descriptions and policies. good job!)

5) Entertain your kids for hours with a beautiful, handmade tipi from Mini Camp Lt from Latvia (side point: lots of Latvian Etsy sellers make must be a national talent!) You can wash these tents and buy useful mats to make them suitable for outdoor use on a sunny day.

*a version of this article is on my lovely friend's blog, The London Mother. check it out....

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